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If you can't go to the gym without wearing makeup, then make sure you read this...

While showcasing a Kardashian-esque contour and saltry smokey eye isn't going to be the recommendation for your mid week sweat sesh, if it makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin, it isn't a total no-go. With the right products and some delicious before and after skincare, we'll make sure it doesn't wreak havoc on your skin. Here's how to do it.


Make sure you do your skincare routine as you usually do, but hold off on anything with a balmy or thick cream texture. To avoid pore clogging and production of excess oils opt for light, water based and or gel moisturisers.


When powders meet sweat, the caking will begin. Make your base sheer and creamy with the full intention to showcase your beautiful dewy skin, not to cover and disguise it. Depending on the coverage you like you have options:

A light touch: You don't like to look " to done", but you want to look alive and well. I recommend the Jane Iredale glowtime BB cream coverage. This is a lightweight BB cream that has an amazing coverage that you can wear gym, into day. A light application just over the cheeks would suffice.

You crave coverage: Before you head in with your panstick, lighty sweep the Jane Iredale BB cream with SPF25 across your face. Its light but it does give you the option for buildable coverage, and it will correct uneven skin tone where needed. I then take my hourglass sheer concealer across my cheeks and under eye area. Bronzer across the lot for some colour, then out the door.

Nothing but perfection: Priming is going to save you. The Jane Iredale smooth affair oil control primer will glide onto your skin preping it for a streak free makeup application. Then continue with your BB cream, followed by your concealer and panstick. This is going to help reduce the visible signs of sweatiness and keep your makeup in place from warm up to cool down. I love to finish with the hourglass finishing veil for that final "seal the deal". My makeup doesn't move at all during my workouts.


Brows frame the face, if you're a laminator and tinter, or you've never touched your brows, a quick brush through your arches can make all the difference in how you look and feel. Enter Jane Iredale purebrow gel. Make your brows smoother, healthier and more manageable. They also hide grey and will even do double-duty as a light mascara. You can trust your brows wont budge as your cycle through your sweat sesh.


I always keep my Jane Iredale Hydration mist in my bag as i love a little misting as I'm leaving. It refreshes my skin and allows me to move into my morning without having to reapply. Another must have gym bag essential is the GHD dry shampoo spray. Pull out the pony, spray this queen on roots and mid-lengths, use fingers to work through the hair and whip her back up for the day.

Products and further information available in salon at Chique Hair Face Body.

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